Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Digital Flashcards You Can Do

During the last several years I was in the classroom, I strongly encouraged and supported positive study habits in my students.  I had majority of them for both 7th & 8th grade Social Studies, so I invested quite a bit of time in the 7th grade year building up the "tools" and then 8th grade I changed expectations to them self-selecting what worked best ... FOR THEM.  My one and ONLY study requirement was that they did SOMETHING. It didn't have to be my "thing" ... they just had to do something.

I cannot stress enough to all teachers out there - brand new & veteran - it was through the conversations I had with students following tests/quizzes that truly allowed me insight thus allowing me to support them in the future.  I needed to figure out how to support and empower my students right where they were ... not where I thought they "should" be.

One of the best things I discovered to help with meeting my students where THEY are is digital flashcards. I'm sure there are about a hundred different ones out there, but I have 2 favorites ⇒ Quizlet & Flippity.net 

Quizlet was a favorite for my students. I created the study sets (to ensure the information was correct) and gave my students the set title so they could easily find it & study. [There is also the ability to create a class to house your sets for even quicker access.] These were available to students from the very beginning of the unit. The coolest part about Quizlet ... Students have the ability to take that ONE set and to learn in multiple ways! 

The traditional flashcards are there, but depending on the student, "Test" were popular, as were the 2 games "Match" & "Gravity". I had several students who would also simply use my set to make their own, whether on paper or on Quizlet.

Better? It's digital - Students. Can't. Lose. Them. Ever. (And not to mention the # of 🌳🌲 we have saved is pretty cool!)

Even better?  Quizlet rolled out a class game a couple years ago! It's called "Live" and I was lucky enough to be one of the first who got to try it out! My student were excited to learn it with me - a very cool experience on its own - and I found something to not only have fun in my class, but also cover content, AND because it was collaborative, it works on so many skills - working together, reasoning out answers, speed & accuracy. Quizlet says, "Teams work together to correctly match the terms and definitions in a study set. The first team to match all of their terms and definitions wins!"

Can I top that? ... Oh yea!!!!

Students don't have to have accounts - you can embed the sets in your site, you can share the link to study them. 

You can log into Quizlet with a Google account - no new username & password to forget. (Oops! I mean write down!)

You can search Quizlet for sets that others have already created and use those as they are or you can copy them and customize them to fit you perfectly. No need to re-create the wheel!

Oh ............. and Quizlet is FREE. 

🎤  drop

Flippity.net is my other favorite. It uses Google Sheets to create flashcards.  While this might feel more traditional, Flippity does provide a variety of ways to study the same information. I've attached a screenshot from Flippity's demo for the flashcards. For each tool Flippity shares, they provide a demo so you can see it in action, instructions on how to make it work, and also the template to get you started.

If you look to the far right, near the red line, you will see a speaker button.  It will read you the flashcard.  This is awesome for the little ones! Imagine them learning their sight words? The menu across the top gives you other options for studying, similar to Quizlet. 

Flippity is extremely EASY to set up. All that is really required is a Google account. 

There is a share option at the bottom where you can copy the link to share with students, parents, email out, and so much more.

By the way ... Flippity.net is not JUST a flashcard creator ... Flippity offers SO MUCH MORE! Go to their website ... SOOOO many good things on it!

Oh yeah! It's FREE, too!!!!

I've spent some time to create Flippity.net flashcards for grades KDG - 4 high frequency words. Below is a link to the Google Doc I housed them on and quick directions to get started. Feel free to use the links to share with other teachers, your parents, and your students.  They are ready to go! Enjoy!

High Frequency Sight Word Digital Flashcards [LINK]. 

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