Sunday, June 11, 2023

A Scheduled Email You Can Do

I was surprised by an email last week. It was an email I'd scheduled to myself and I'd forgotten about it. It was a happy surprise - so I thought I'd put the thought out there for you. I was inspired last year by James Clear to do this and it's super simple. He suggested composing an email to yourself and schedule it for one year out answering this question:

"How, specifically, do you want your life to be better at this time next year?"

I challenge you to do this. I have already done this and scheduled it to arrive June 1, 2024. Don't limit yourself to improvements at school. I included things for my family, my health, and professionally. It doesn't have to be lengthy - include what makes sense to you.

Do you know how to schedule an email? It's really easy and there are many uses for it. I do it all the time to ensure information gets to people when it needs to be there. It's a huge help when I'm working on a project and I schedule email reminders (even to myself at times) because I know how crazy inboxes can be and I want to be respectful of that.

If you want to learn how, check out my blog "5 Intermediate Gmail Tips You Can Do". The "how to" is on Slide 4. 

Do you have another use for scheduling an email? I'd love to know! Reach out on any of the social medias or send me an email. 

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