Sunday, January 12, 2020

5 Intermediate Gmail Tips You Can Do

If your email is anything like mine, it's a constant barrage. Emails that I really want, emails that are pure junk, emails that peek my interest, emails that take me down rabbit holes I didn't intend for, emails that inspire me, and so on.

I'll be honest ... email can be incredibly overwhelming. Exhausting, even. Last week I shared some basic Gmail tips - "4 Basic Gmail Tips You Can Do". Today, I'm back with 5 more that can go a loooooong way in helping you organize your Gmail. I've deemed these intermediate, but I promise YOU CAN DO THEM.

Since email won't be going away - let's take control and learn some tips better manage it. Please always remember, email is a very personal thing. Some of these tips might not fit your needs ... it's ok! I hope at least one or two of these will help you tame your email. In the following Slides, I share 5 different tips that can help you manage your email. Below the embedded Slides is a link you are welcome to click on, use, and share with others.
 Here is a link where you can make your own copy of "Intermediate Gmail Tips". 
Feel free to share these Slides with others. 

I have a growing Wakelet collection dedicated to Gmail for items that I find useful and interesting. Be sure to check it out! There might be a nugget in there to help you, too!

Next week, I'll share a 3rd one about Gmail with even more advanced tips. 

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Happy emailing!

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