Sunday, January 19, 2020

4+ Advanced Gmail Tips You Can Do

This will be the final in a 3 part series on Gmail. I'm wrapping it up with 4+ advanced tips. A couple of these tips will take a bit of work on the front end to set up, but once done, it can make a world of difference for taming your inbox. Another tip will prove useful when you need to find emails or content in your email.

I will start off with an admission - I do NOT use all of these. I've collected them and I'm sharing them out, because I understand that while they might not be something I choose to do, you very well might want to. I cannot stress enough how personal email is. The final tip I share is actually a collection of more advanced things you might want to look into. I link you to the Gmail Help page for each of the topics. If you look into one (or more) of them, feel free to look through other ideas. You might find something I didn't point out.

Here is a link where you can make your own copy of "Advanced Gmail Tips". 
Feel free to share these Slides with others. 

I have a growing Wakelet collection dedicated to Gmail for items that I find useful and interesting. Be sure to check it out! There might be a nugget in there to help you, too!

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