Sunday, January 26, 2020

Google Training You Can Do

I'm very excited for this upcoming week! I will be working with a small group of staff in my district to further their Google knowledge. I'm doubly excited as this was their idea and anytime someone wants to learn, I'm pumped. The fact that it's Google they want to learn more about ... YEESSSS!!!

As I was planning out this introductory session, I exchanged a few emails with the person who requested the help. It dawned on me it might be helpful to have a reference Doc for them to start with since this group will have a range of familiarity with G Suite. BUT, they will all share the same goal. ↬ increase their comfort level with Google tools.

Are a person who helps train others? Are someone who also wants to learn more about G Suite? Are someone comfortable with Google, but looking to stretch yourself a little further? Are a teacher who needs (or is looking for) some professional development? I am sharing the Doc I created with you today so that you, too, can turn around and use it for yourself, or use it to support others.

Preview of Document I will be sharing
The group I will be working with had initially asked for suggestions for classes or workshops to attend to expand their learning of Google. I suggested before going and registering for classes/workshops, to go through the FREE Google modules. I promised to also be there for them to answer questions, to provide guidance, and meet with them as it fits their learning.

I may not be able to help you in person, but I would be more than happy to support you via email, Twitter, or comments below. These modules were a turning point in my teaching career and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Are you interested? Here is a link to the Doc I created & will be sharing "Google Training You Can Do." I've also posted it on Templates for Teachers website. Feel free to use this in a way that works for you and your learners.

Finally, did you know Google has also released modules and certification for students? Yep! You can find out more at the Teacher Center, in the G Suite Certification for Students section. ***Note - this is geared toward students ages 13+.***

Have a question, comment, or idea? Share them with me on Twitter (@kiefersj), via email:, or in the comments below.

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