Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sheets + formMule You Can Do

I slacked off last week and didn't post. I apologize - it was our final week of school and it was a BUSY one! I've been wrapping things up and yet gearing up for some early summer PD sessions, too. I'm very excited to continue to share.

My 2nd installment article was published for NationsClassroom late afternoon on Friday. This time I focused on using Google Sheets in conjunction with the formMule add-on. If you've not checked out this add-on, it provides a way for what I like to call "mass, personalized communication". I still smile every time I send out one of these emails ... I can email as many people as I'd like and yet make it feel like I took the time to compose each one individually.

We've also found that by sending fairly regular communication we can address questions long before they can become problems. We never underestimate the power of making all our parents comfortable. (We are both moms and we'd want this for our girls, too!)

And don't think you have to be planning a trip to use formMule ... I used it ALL THE TIME in the classroom to contact all the parents on our team. It is A - MAZE - ING!

I'd love if you took a minute to read the article here and as always, feel free to contact me if you have questions &/or need help with Sheets + formMule.

6 Ways Google Can Make Planning Easier For a School Trip Leader: #2 Google Sheets & formMule
Check out Nations Classroom if you are interested in planning a trip.

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