Thursday, August 16, 2018

Google Classroom Updates You Can Do

The long awaited updates have officially been released for Google Classroom!

I have been curating helpful guides to best serve you ↬ we all learn so differently! My biggest take away is these changes gives Classroom a LOT more ... function, capability, & organization. It will take a bit of getting used to, but overall, I think they are great updates! 

Think about how you learn best and pick from the following - they all provide the same general info. 

Prefer to READ About the Updates?

Google's Classroom Help page ↬ Back to School 2018 FAQ

Eric Curts blog ↬ 9 Updates for Google Classroom (and 3 more to come) ↬ this is an EXCELLENT resource!

Susan Herder slidedeck ↬ Intro to Google Classroom

The Electric Educator blog ↬ Get Ready for the NEW Google Classroom

Prefer to WATCH About the Updates?

Google for Education [multiple short videos] ↬ Welcome to your first day of Classroom

Google for Education YouTube Channel  ↬ EDU in 90 (videos less than 90 seconds)

The Electric Educator's video [roughly 12 minutes] ↬ New 2018 Google Classroom Updates (detailed overview)

Holly Sisk's video [just under 4 minutes] ↬ New Changes to Google Classroom 2018

Kimberly Mattina ↬ Classroom YouTube Playlist

Want to LEARN More?

Google for Education ↬ Teacher Center [This provides a place to learn about Classroom & more!]

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If you already set up your Classroom & don't have these updates, you will have to be patient and wait for Classroom to allow the updates to pull through to your class.

Remember: We as educators want and encourage our students to learn new things ... we should (and can) too!

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