Sunday, December 2, 2018

15 Days of Resources You Can Do

This share has been brewing in my brain for quite some time and it feels like the perfect time of year! The rush of the new school year has worn down, the weather is changing, and you have a good grasp on this year's students. Now is the time to stretch ... check out something new ... try something new ... To help, I've compiled 15 resources for you to review and see if any fit you and your students.  

Starting with today and for the following 14 week days, I will share a resource I've come across and some potential applications for it on my companion blog. Nothing long winded - just enough to peek your interest, or for you to pass on. I will add links to each description below the graphic for your perusal. Please share these! It might not be the best fit for you, but it might be just what your friend needs. 

Week 3:
  • Dec 17: Character Scrapbook by Scholastic [LINK]
  • Dec 18: Chrome Music Lab [LINK]

  • Dec 19: The Kid Should See This [LINK]
  • Dec 20: Book Creator for Chrome [LINK]
  • Dec 21: Templates for Teachers [LINK]

Week 2:
  • Dec 10: [LINK]
  • Dec 11: Toby extension [LINK]
  • Dec 12: Applied Digital Skills with Google [LINK]
  • Dec 13: Gamify Your Google Classroom [LINK]
  • Dec 14: ColorPick Eyedropper extension [LINK]

Week 1:

  • Dec 3: Adobe Spark for Education [LINK]
  • Dec 4: Locked Quizzes in Google Forms [LINK]
  • Dec 5: Science Journal with Google [LINK]
  • Dec 6: 250 Virtual Field Trips [LINK]
  • Dec 7: Multiplication Games [LINK]