Sunday, June 30, 2019

#PodPeeks: Teachonomy Talks

Today I'm highlighting another awesome podcast I've added to my playlist, Teachonomy Talks with Chuck Poole. Most of the podcasts I listen to I do a great deal of learning. Teachonomy Talks is a bit different ... and I love it! It's DEFINITELY a thinker, but it's more of an "inspirational thinker". Each episode is short and packed with inspiring and reflective thoughts. I love how Chuck shares short and thought-provoking ideas.

I have shared many Teachonomy Talks episodes with others. Often, I feel like Chuck knows what is going on in my brain and he is speaking directly to me and they provide reaffirmation, a different perspective, or just some inspiration to give me a boost.

You can find all the episodes (currently there are 131!) on your favorite podcast player or on the Teachonomy Talks website. Here are a few episodes I'd like to highlight:

💙 Episode 131: "Where Do You Shine Your Spotlight?"
💙 Episode 126: "Thoughts for Teachers: Do You Look Through Your Backup Camera"
💙 Episode 115: "Two Minute Timeout for Teachers... You Were Built to Sail"
💙 Episode 107: "Two Minute Timeout for Teachers... YOU are a Masterpiece"
💙 Episode 101: "Thoughts for Teachers: Do Your Flaws Forms a Foundation?"

I could go on ... but if you tune in for one or two of these, I'm sure you'll be hooked, and you'll find many more wonderful episodes.

I also want to give Chuck's entire website a shout out ... don't just stop at the podcast. Chuck also writes a blog (I subscribe to it), it active on Twitter (@cpoole27), has a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, AND he wrote a book! His message is definitely one you need to check out.

Looking for additional podcast recommendations? I've highlighted numerous ones on the label "#PodPeeks" here on this blog. You can click on the link at the bottom of this blog, the label to the far right or here ⇨ #PodPeeks.

Next week when I return, I will have another curation blog - this time I will be share some of my curations.

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