Sunday, November 8, 2020

New Quarter = New Classroom You Can Do

New Quarter equals New Google Classroom
It's November. Pause and take a deep breath. We've made it this far. Whatever your situation - you've made it. You've done it. Yay! Let's celebrate! 🙌

Whew! Our 1st quarter has ended and 2nd quarter starts Monday. A new quarter means new opportunities. Adjustments. Keep what is working and adjust what needs tweaking or updating or overhauling. This is the perfect time to make improvements to your digital classrooms, too.

I've shared suggestions with my teachers and today I've formalized it a bit and I'm sharing today. I've outlined 7 easy steps to starting this quarter - and each future quarter - on a 'better' foot. 

The first Slide is a comprehensive overview of all the steps. (I've included a link to a PDF for quick & easy printing below, if interested.) Slides 2-7 provide a bit of detail and further explanation for each step. The final Slide shares links to specific Google Classroom resources that might be helpful.


Interested in printing the overview Slide? Here's a PDF link to Slide 1 for quick reference. 

Interested in seeing this presentation in a new window? Here's a link: New Quarter = New Google Classroom presentation.

Looking for additional Google Classroom support? 

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  1. Timing is everything. Just what I needed to hear. Checking in from Las Vegas, NM.