Sunday, April 10, 2022

Certificates You Can Do ... EASY!

I'm excited to have something I TRULY believe will help YOUR teaching life become so much easier! 


As crazy as it might be, I have some teachers thinking forward to wrapping up the year (wow!) and the topic of certificates has come up. For today's teachers, there are unlimited possibilities for certificates. And I'm going to add to your tool belt today. In fact, this might replace everything you are doing because of its simplicity, its ease of use, and its possibilities.

Canva is "a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content." I've recently jumped in and have been using to to create the images that go along with my blogs. 

And then I noticed the "Templates" tab. That leads me to today. Their Templates tab is organized into 6 categories, one being education. CERTIFICATES. Sure, I expected to some good ones. But I was blown away!!!!

As a teacher, you can even get Canva Pro FREE! Yep! You and your students. It's simple - go to and sign up.

Now, for the templates, I could just point you to their website and where to find the link, but I'm going to give you an overview of just how EASY Canva is to use for your certificates and how you can create just one OR create a TON! Just click play!

Did I hook you in? Ready to start your own account? Are you interested in learning more? 
Check out the resources I've got ready for you:

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