My Presentations

Below, I've listed my upcoming presentations. I will try to keep this up-to-date & include registration information as a note in the event.

If you are able to attend any of my sessions, I'd love to connect!

If you can't catch them live, I have been "collecting" the recordings on my YouTube Channel. Hop on over! 
The session resources are listed in the show notes below the videos.


  1. Hi!I teach in Edgewood just down the road from you. Will these be available to watch later? (Youtube?) I would love to join June 23, but am actually taking a class with Wiley Brazier and the office hours are at the same time.

    1. Yep! These will be recorded and shared afterwards. If you register, Desiree will automatically send you the recording. Otherwise, you can find them on her YouTube Channel: