Saturday, December 2, 2017

Change You Can Do

Change is an opportunity to do something amazing. #InnovatorsMindset
- George Couros -
Change can be a BIG, SCARY word.  But it does NOT have to be.  As the quote states, it's "an opportunity to do something amazing"! Change is a risk for sure.  But taking risks can pay off.

Personal example ... a couple of years ago, I was NOT a fan of social media.  I resisted creating accounts.  Then change happened.  I went to a workshop led by Marsha Kish (@dsdPD).  She dangled a free Chromebook for the best Tweet in the workshop. 

I 💖 tech.  Our district was going 1:1 with Chromebooks. 

I. Wanted. The. Chromebook.

So I created a Twitter account - with my husband's help - and I Tweeted ... something ...  what? I have no idea.  Apparently, it was not Chromebook worthy, BUT I had a Twitter account.  I could have deleted it. Instead, I ventured out there, and slowly - remember I said a couple of years ago? - 2014, 3 years later, I can't remember NOT having it.

Why does this matter?  I find resources and support and amazing ideas on Twitter every day that I would not come across in a million years. I take these and share them with my colleagues.  I try them out. I go into classrooms and help teachers try them out.

I took a risk that changed my thinking.  And it paid off. I found one of the most valuable resources I could have!

Now - I challenge YOU.  

Try something this week that you've been hesitant to do.  And something amazing will happen.  Try it in your classroom and TELL YOUR STUDENTS. Tell them it's new and you are learning, too.  I promise - they will sit up straighter. They will be excited. They might even help you out. 😉 

Then share it. Don't keep it to yourself.  Share it below or share it with a friend. Share it in a Tweet & tag me (@kiefersj).  I'd love to applaud you & cheer you on, too.

Good luck, my friend!

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