Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Magazine Templates You Can Do

These past two weeks, I have been consumed with inspiration from Ryan O'Donnell's (@creativeedtech) magazine templates (website link)! I have found so many amazing uses for them in the classroom.

I simplified his TIME magazine for 4th graders who were doing reports on famous Ohioans. "WOW!" is about all I can say. They did wonderful!

TIME Magazine Template

For a different "feel", I also adapted Ryan O'Donnell's National Geographic Magazine Template with the same idea.

On the other end of elementary school spectrum, I had plans to work with Mrs. Martin in 1st grade on President reports. I threw out the idea of creating magazines with their research. She let me run with it. 

Her students read the Scholastic News magazines, so I used that magazine as the inspiration. ( Thank you! ) 

I'm pretty sure you'll agree ... these littles "ROCKED IT!"  

"Schoolastic NewZ" Magazine Template

Since then...

I've been working on a few others. I'm excited to share them out as templates for you to use. Click on the images below to open up them as templates. If you see one you like, click on the "Use Template" button in the upper right corner.

Please feel free to grab them, customize them, and use them. I'd love to see the results - if you share them on Twitter, please tag me @kiefersj OR just add them in the comments below.

National Geographic Kids

(5 facts & 1 article)

Great for a little deeper research. Directions included for additional independence. "Page 2" allows for graphic display of information while "page 3" allows for an "article".

National Geographic Kids               

(w/drag & drop idea for info)

Great for checking for understanding & working on drag/drop skills. A 3rd "page" provides space for research.

National Geographic Kids
(3 facts only) 

A very simple version of my first NatGeo - only the fact page is included. This is GREAT for the littlest ones.

*** UPDATED March 16, 2018 ***

"Suess-tastic Newz" 

Just in time for Dr. Seuss' birthday, I created this template for students. Page 2 allows students to practice dragging and dropping skills & then justifying their reason. It was also super cute to see the various pictures students selected for their Dr Seuss magazines!

To REALLY Knock Parents Socks Off ...

If at all possible - think about sharing the student work with their parents. As a mom myself, I would LOVE to see an email with the work my daughters did at school. What an awesome way to connect school with home.

Enjoy ... I KNOW your students will!

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