Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Resources ... LOTS of Tech You Can Do

I curate. A LOT So much that I had tossed around the idea of calling my blog "My Brain Can't Hold it All" because truly ... there IS so much out there, I just can't remember it. I HAD to collect it.

I've created some things to contribute, but honestly, there is SOOOO MUCH GOOD STUFF out there! It's not all mine ... I credit those from I find it from. Yoda said it best ...

This page is one of the most important reasons I began this blog. I 💞 sharing out ideas, information, and links. I share things that are worth taking 5 minutes to look at. I do plan to add to it every couple of days. 

Here is a little preview of what I've gathered ... some my original work, some quick links to others. Eric Curts, Ryan O'Donnell, Chromebook Tips/Tricks, lots of Google related things, and more. 

If you like what you see, check out the "Resources" tab at the top of m blog. The search options at the top of the page make it INCREDIBLY easy to find what you are looking for. Be on the lookout for this page to just grow and grow.

I hope you find something that you can use tomorrow and I hope you find something you can share with a friend. Until next week ...

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