Sunday, October 27, 2019

4 Google MyMaps Activities You Can Do

Last week I shared an intro to MyMaps - one of the unsung hero's of the Google Apps. You can read that here, "Google MyMaps You Can Do". This tool is fantastic for students of all ages. This week is all about activities you can do with MyMaps.

You might think MyMaps is only for the Social Studies classroom, but you'd be mistaken. MyMaps can be a great tool to use across the curriculum. I know I was blown away the first time I saw MyMaps being used for something other than a map.

I've created a Slidedeck with 4 possible activities you could do with your students. You can always "level them up or down" depending on the skill level. In my opinion, one of the best parts, is MyMaps can be individual work OR a collaborative activity. And, just like the other Google Apps, MyMaps are created and live in Drive. The only limitations are the ones we place on its use.

Feel free to share the Slidedeck as is, or make your own copy and modify as it fits you & your students. I've included a link on each activity with an example MyMap. These are only examples - students can do so much more with it than what I've done.

If you like what you see, feel free to make your own copy. TEMPLATE LINK

I also want to give a little shoutout to SlidesMania for the design template I used for the Slidedeck. 💖LOVE, love, love this website 💛. So many awesome Slides templates - check them out!

MyMaps Wakelet Collection

I've also started a Wakelet collection with MyMaps resources, links, and other activities.

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  1. Hi Sarah, Many thanks for sharing this. A few years ago Google also tried out another great Map product called Google Tour builder. This is another great tool -
    Have a play. Its awesome.