Sunday, November 3, 2019

Thankful Thoughts You Can Do

I can not hide my love for working with students. I was a classroom teacher for 14 years, after all! As a technology integration specialist, I don't work with students as much as I used to, but I am lucky enough to work with students at two elementary buildings. I'm even luckier that I am able to work with all their teachers, too! You could say these are two somethings that I am thankful for!

With November's arrival - my FAVORITE month - I was talking with a 4th grade teacher I collaborate with often. She was throwing out numerous wonderful ideas and we finally settled on a "short" activity I could do with her students. 

It's November, and the whole month is all about fall and Thanksgiving (at least here in America). I was inspired by this TWEET I saw by Tara Martin & Tisha Richmond. Loved it! But our students are only 4th graders, so rather than using social media, I created a Google Slide students can make a copy of and learn some Slides skills while creating a similar image. 

I'll have them share it with me & we can display them in the hallway. I could also opt to make a published Slidedeck that can be shared with the parents, too! So many options!

Are you interested? Here's what I created ... feel free to make your own copy & use it with your students. Click ↬ LINK.

Also, check out my Wakelet collections for all kinds of things Google & more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! This activity made my top 10 links for November 2019! ‎

    1. Thanks, John! I'm honored you included me - you put out and share out so many great things!

  2. Hey Sarah, I made a copy of your Thankful slide presentation (thanks John Sowash). I am wondering about the site Upsplash. Is it appropriate for elementary kiddos? I am always looking for new image sites that are age appropriate.

    1. As with any searching tool, we need to be cautious. I like Unsplash because it does allow us to use their photos & not be worried about the copyrights (it's always ideal to give credit anyway & Unsplash makes that easy, as well ... it's a copy & paste). I believe our time is well spent teaching our students how to do better searching - in fact that is what my recent blog is all about. (I also like the fact there is an Unsplash add-on for Google Slides!)