Sunday, November 24, 2019

Better Google Results You Can Do

Last week I shared "Better Google Searching You Can Do". I focused on the conversation I had with a teacher about using a kid-safe browser vs teaching better search skills. I recommend we teach better search skills since I firmly believe they will serve our students long after they leave our classrooms.

This week, I'm back with a follow up. Let's say your students use the tips I shared and do a better Google Search.

Now what? 

Using better search terms will help get better initial results. Can we help our students at this point go through the results and narrow down to find the better results? 

Of course!

These tips will definitely take practice, but once you & your students get into a routine of using them, you will hopefully find they pay off in the quality of your results. Post this in your Google Classroom (or other LMS or website) so your students can refer to them anytime they do a search. I choose to focus on "tropical rainforest animals" - feel free to use this as the example and have your students do a search on their own topics. 

The link to this presentation is "Better Google Search Results". 
Feel free to use it in your class "as is" OR make your own copy of it.

And rounding this series out, the 3rd part will focus on helping students to cite their work once they've found the sources they are wanting to use.

I've also gathered several resources in my Google Chrome Wakelet collection. 

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