Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Citations You Can Do

The last two weeks, I've shared how to help students do better searching and then choose better results. The final piece to this series focuses on helping your students do better citations. This piece is easy to forget or let fall by the wayside. But it is in incredibly important for us to teach.

Students will not understand - unless we teach them - how important it is to give credit to the places where they are gathering their information (or using their photos) from. Our students are not being malicious when doing their research. They are simply answering the questions that often, WE are asking them to answer. We cannot let citations be skipped. We need to teach our students how important it is to give others credit. AND ... we are lucky to have tools that make citations incredibly easy. 

Here is a quick Google Slidedeck that shows how citations can be super easy. Tonight, I showed my own 4th grade daughter use it in her latest project. She used it for both her information and her images. After doing it with her twice, she was able to cite all of her sources independently.

The link to this presentation is "Citations in Google". 
Feel free to use it in your class "as is" OR make your own copy of it.

And finally, I have a confession to make. There will be one more post in this series. It came as quite a surprise to me. As is true of many of my blogs, one of my daughters plays a starring role . . . she brought home a research project and asked for my help. Next week, I'll be back with the whole story and the addition to this research series. It really changed my thought process about research with students.

I've also gathered several resources in my Google Chrome Wakelet collection. 

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