Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 One Word I Can Do

I've seen so many people share their one word for 2021. It has taken me a bit longer and like so many things in my life, last year has shaped my one word. I've done some reflecting while also looking forward. It dawned on me that as difficult as last year was, I ALSO saw so many bright spots - so much good. I am tired of hearing about all of the things we "can't" do and the complaining about what we've "lost" ... so, in 2021, I am choosing to focus my attention on all of the blessings in my life. And that is my word - BLESSINGS.

Now, before I go too much further, I am well aware that I cannot ignore the things we can't do or that we've lost. I will be sad and upset about them. And there will be times I will be down right angry or hurt. That's just part of being human. At the same time, I know that I am very blessed in my life and I want to make sure I do not loose sight of that. There is a lot of negativity happening and I want to make sure that I also see - and highlight - the good that is happening, too. 

I have been journaling every day for the past year and I've made an adjustment to incorporate my one word. Rather than write down things I'm grateful for, I've adjusted that section to be where I write out my blessings. Topping my list everyday is my family & our health. These are two of the greatest blessings I have. The rest of my list will vary from day to day, but some of my top blessings recently are having a job (and a job that I love), music, a good team, warm days in the winter time, the ability to connect with educators near & far, my girls able to attend school face-to-face, quiet time in the morning, and so on.

This year, I want to focus on the blessings around me; give blessings to others; and to BE a blessing.   

Through my blog, I try to BE a blessing to all of you by sharing my adventures and activities I am lucky enough to be part of. I also hope that I can inspire you to look to the positives. 

One final note - on Monday, Feb 8 at 6 pm, I will be appearing on Kim Mattina's podcast - The Suite Talk. I will be sharing about using Google Sheets in the classroom. (Hint: it won't be limited to spread sheets! And yep .... templates will be included!)

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