Sunday, January 3, 2021

Google Classroom: Reuse post You Can Do

 🎉 Happy New Year! I haven't been super active on social media over the break but I did see a quote that I absolutely LOVE and I think it speaks loudly to what we all need to hear at the beginning of a new year and I want to start off sharing it with you:

~Robert H. Schuller

You are tough. We've made it though tough times and we will make it through more tough times. Because we are tough. We have each other.

Now ...

I am returning to Google Classroom to focus on one of the possibilities we have when creating a post. The "Reuse post" option. This might not register as a valuable option, but it absolutely is! The value really comes in as a time saver. When you reuse a post, you are making a copy of the original post, but you have the ability to change what you need to for the new post, whether that is the due date, topic, students it's assigned to, point value, title, description, or the attachments.

As a classroom teacher I would use the same wording over and over for my students. I would also reuse most of the wording when assigning a modified copy of an assignment to a group of students and only assigning to them. Not having to retype it ALL and redoing all the settings is a HUGE time saver! I could repeat this as many times as needed - copy the title, directions, topic, due date, point value & only have to change the attachment and students it is assigned to. Talk about being able to differentiate in a timely manner! Yes!!!

Two cautions when reusing posts with attachments: 

  1. Do yourself a favor ... make NEW copies of any attachments like Docs, Slides, or Sheets.

  2. If you have a Google Form attached, delete the link it automatically brings over and take the handful of seconds it will take to relink it. 
I've seen so many teachers have weird and unexplainable issues and they all seem to trace back to reusing the attachments rather than creating new. 

I do hope you will use the reuse post to be a tad bit more efficient in your Classrooms. If you are looking for additional tips, tricks, or resources related to Google Classroom, please check out my Google Classroom Wakelet collection. I am continually adding to this collection.

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