Thursday, July 12, 2018

Alice Keeler: Teacher Tech

Teacher Tech
Alice Keeler

WEBSITE: Teacher Tech

Alice Keeler is a lady who knows Google! And when I say she knows Google, she knows Google and then some!

Her website is a treasure trove of ideas, templates, resources, and more. She has written several books, too! I've learned so much from her and have so much more to learn. She shares a lot on Twitter, so if you don't already ... make sure you follow her.

I'm highlighting 6 of her postings, but these are no more than a teeny-tiny tip of an iceberg. Chances are, if you are looking for an idea, Alice will have 2 or 3 things for you to read thru and check out. 

  • Math Problem: 3 Pennies and a Dime  this one had me intrigued from the get go! If you want to give your students a challenge and give them an opportunity to really THINK and explain, check this out!
  • Representing Borrowing in Math a great visual way for your students to demonstrate and work through borrowing. This is an open share of ideas to help ALL of us!
  • Math Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt  Ok. Hands down. My favorite! Literally, open the world to your students and let them FIND math in it. Well, not literally ... they could go out, or you can use images found on the web. πŸ˜‰. But then you look for math properties and/or ideas.

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