Sunday, July 1, 2018

#PodPeeks: Google Teacher Tribe

This week I will be focusing my #TechYouCanDo on podcasts. This is an avenue of learning I hadn't given much thought to until about two years ago. My commute to and from work is roughly 20 minutes each way, so it's the perfect opportunity to learn from others. (The only problem is that sometimes the ideas are so exciting I have to jot down ideas as soon as I park!)

Today, I want to share the Google Teacher Tribe podcast by Matt Miller & Kasey Bell. They just wrapped their 2nd season and it is my #1 go-to podcast. They share such wonderful tips and tricks and interview amazing educators. They have 56 episodes completed and ready for you to listen to. Below, I've highlighted 6 of my top recommended episodes.

About the podcast authors:

Podcast Website:

Google Teacher Tribe Website

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