Monday, July 9, 2018

"Escape the Dungeon" ... a math digital breakout

Escape the Dungeon
Meagan Kelly

TWITTER: @meagan_e_kelly

Are you ready? This one is mind-blowing. I'm not sure I really truly have my brain wrapped around it. Not completely. BUT ... that is also the fun!

I've been following the creator of this one, Meagan Kelly, for quite some time, and I have to say, she feels REAL. She is a real person, a real educator, a real innovator. I started reading this post more than a year ago, and I literally stopped in my tracks. 

This is awesome!

I opened up the link to the breakout and I began to work through it. I LOVED it! Everything about it ↬ the story line ↬ the challenges of finding the locks ↬ solving the equations ↬ and figuring out my mistakes to correct them ... because I wanted to figure it out! That's the key. I was having fun. When I couldn't remember the formula for area of a right triangle, I Googled it. Bingo!

I'm not sharing this so you have an activity for your students. I'm sharing this because I think the creative power behind building something like this for your students can bring a lot to the table. Let's break it out:

  • this one is about area & perimeter --- to solve the problems, students not only have to know (or how to find) the formulas, but they have to apply the formulas & do the computation correctly to solve the lock
  • they can fail ... problem solve ... try again ... and so on ... until they've figured it out
  • if they get too frustrated with a lock, they can move on and come back
  • it is it's own website (built in Google Sites), so it's FREE & easy to share with students
  • the locks are all Google Forms, so you can gather data, if you'd like

Check it out. Try to solve the locks. Share it with your students (I'd say it's probably geared towards upper elementary). And then think about how you can take your content, and do the same for your students.

... OR ...

Could you build one WITH your students?

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