Sunday, December 12, 2021

Spelling Lists You Can Do

I've have used and shared about Flippity numerous times. [Check out my posts about Flippity - they are listed at the bottom.] Today I am sharing it for another very specific purpose. "Spelling Words". Spelling is something students need to learn and with access to technology, Flippity will allow some independence during this learning. I have even used it very successfully with my own daughters!

Flippity is created from a Google Sheet. The template for each type of Flippity you want is included on the website (along with instructions and a demo). provides at least 25 activities you can customize for your students. Everything from a digital breakout, to a name spinner, to mad libs, a leaderboard, and even printable bingo cards! I could share about all of these - and I encourage you to check them out - but, let me get back to spelling.

Here's how Flippity has impacted me personally -- all three of my girls brought home the standard list of 20 or so spelling words and we struggled to study. I randomized the order and included a sentence and they hated that. I explained they needed to master the spelling, not memorize the order. The didn't like that I did it different from their teacher. So when I found Flippity's Spelling Words, the arguing stopped. They were in control!

Here are several ways you might use Flippity in your classroom to help students master spelling and save yourself time in the long run!
  • Create 1 Flippity for your entire class - this would be if all students learned all the same words at the same speed; each week 
  • Create 1 Flippity for each student - this is a perfect way to differentiate and give each student the "right" words at the right speed for that child
  • Have students create their own - definitely a step up, but again allows students to have a very differentiated learning experience.
There ARE additional bonuses:
  • it's FREE!
  • easily duplicate the template
  • sharing is super easy - make sure you share it with parents!
  • sentences can be included for context, but not required
  • will speak the words (& sentences)
  • 3 ways to study - List ... Practice ... Quiz
  • possibility of getting very basic results via email

Here is a quick overview of Flippity's Spelling words in action:

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How can YOU use Flippity in your class?

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